Episode not reading emails


I have been having so much issues with Episode this year, and now I’m after any suggestions on what the next step could be.

It started in January, when I noticed that the reads I’m getting on the Limelight version of my story weren’t being registered in the payment section counter which counts the reads you need within 60 days to unlock the payments.
I have the story in Ink & Limelight, but the payment section counter is only registrering the ink reads, which aren’t that many.

So I emailed Episode about the issue, and they misunderstood me and sent me a standard response about how you don’t get paid for every read;
”Thanks for taking the time to write in. I apologize for any trouble this confusion over the mismatch between your read count and your paid reads may have caused. The reason for this discrepancy is that not all reads a story acquires count towards Episode’s revenue. Authors are paid based on reads that contribute to the overall revenue pool, which may be a lessor number of reads than the total reads you see on your script page.

We recognize that this is confusing and are looking at the situation now to see how we can more clearly communicate with authors about this. Again I apologize for any trouble this has caused.”

They thought I was already getting paid.
So I specified that I was trying to unlock it, but again recieved the exact same response.
Then they stopped replying completely.

For 3 months I have been sending them emails without getting any reply.
So a week and a half ago I got sick of it and opened up a new ticket under a different email and got a response right away.
First question - Why am I being ignored on the email That is registered to my Episode account…?

But again, instead of reading the email I sent where I was overly clear and specific about my problem, they sent out the same standard response that I recieved twice back in January again.
When I then, once more, over explained my problem, I got this reply;
”Thanks for writing back. I’m glad to hear you would like to know about getting paid as a Writer for Episode.

To find more information about writer payments please go to: https://www.episodeinteractive.com/payments/signup.

Let me know if you have any other questions and have a great day.”

So they are obviously not reading my emails at all.
And after I recieved that email, they proceeded to mark my ticket as ”solved” :expressionless:

I am so frustrated and drained from having spent so many months now trying to explain something and get help, but instead being completely ignored and not even having my emails read.
Does anyone know what to do??
How do I get them to actually read my emails??
Is there any other way of recieving help??


First of all, sorry about this, and I hope you’ll get a proper reply soon :confused:

I have one idea regarding this:

Are you trying to unlock the payments with 100K+gems, and if yes, do both your INK and LL version contain gem choices? Because if not, then your general chapter reads won’t count

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Thank you❣️
Both my versions contains gem choices in all chapters.
That is something I have added recently though, but even before I did, I had reached over 500 000 general chapters within 60 days on just the LL version.
Now it is definitely over 100 000 gem chapters & over 300 gem choices… but only on the LL version that has about 860 000 reads.

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Episode haven’t responded to my tickets, it’s been 6 weeks! I’ve sent in emails after emails, not even a courtesy email to say its been received.

All I want to know is why one of my stories reads Calculating :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming::sob::sleeping:

Have you checked the status of your tickets? And have you been filing several new tickets under one email address?
Because I think they ”reply in the order they were recieved”, so if your ticket is still open and you send a new one, you get bumped back down to the bottom of the line.
If they are marked as solved however, this shouldn’t be a problem I think.
They are marking mine as solved without even replying.
I guess they don’t want to help some of us :woman_shrugging:t2:
Meanwhile their Instagram says to contact their support team for the ”best and fastest way to get help”… I just recieved the exact same automated reply for the fifth time, and it doesn’t answer the question I’ve been asking since January :expressionless:

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I’m not sure if she will be able to help, as I don’t know exactly the levels to which her powers extend :joy: But you could try to DM @Arlene regarding the issue, and see if she has advice or can help in some way.
Hope it gets worked out. Wishing you the best!

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I have awesome powers! :stuck_out_tongue:

So what had happened here is that 9 tickets were sent about the same issue. Plus multiple responses on the original ticket. Every time that happened the ticket got knocked to the back of the queue because the software orders the tickets by the last action on them and thus it lost its place in line. This was further complicated by the fact that we are dealing with an extremely high ticket volume right now so it didn’t get noticed like it might have were things more normal.

Moral of the story is wait for us to respond unless you really have something you must tell us to help us help you. Don’t keep submitting tickets/responses asking us when we are going to respond or just restating the issue. You can end up in a support black hole that way. We do try to catch things like this and let players know, but sometimes things are missed. This was one of those times.


Hi Arlene,
Thanks for responding.
I have not been filing a bunch of new tickets while others are still open. I have filed new tickets because all the others are being marked as solved as soon as I file them. Without even getting a reply.

And how else am I supposed to get through?
I have been trying to get help with a portal glitch since January, and everytime I open a ticket it gets immediately marked as solved without a reply, or I get sent the same copy+paste reply over and over again.
I have recieved that 5 times now, even though it doesn’t actually apply to the issue I’m having.
But obviously my emails aren’t being read, as I keep getting the answer to a completely different question every time.

And I’ve tried asking for Arlene. I’m not sure if that’s you, but I was told by her in January that if I have a problem with an agent, I can request to speak to her directly.
So I did. After recieving the copy+paste reply for the fifth time, I asked to speak to Arlene, but my ticket was then marked as solved.
So I opened a new ticket, again asking for Arlene. Again, it was marked as solved without even getting a reply.
Then I filed a new ticket, asking for Arlene for the third time, and finally Dagmara said she would direct me to Arlene and that she would get in contact shortly.
That was almost two weeks ago, and still nothing.

What am I supposed to do to get help then? This is all very frustrating.