Episode not working


Every story I try to read comes up with this since the update


Whenver this happens I refresh the app!


Do you have wifi?


It’s not the WiFi- I’ve tried it using mobile data too


What do you mean by refreshing the app? Deleting it And downloading it again?


Maybe just go back, home page, clear open pages and load the game over


Well on iPhone, you double click the home screen button and swipe up. If this doesn’t work or if you have an Android, I recommend filling a support ticket! :slightly_smiling_face:


How do I do a support ticket


Submit a ticket


Hi! I’ve this problem too but not for all the story. It’s almost 1 week and I’ve used data and Wi-Fi. I hope they can fix this problem as soon as possible.


Did you ever have a resolve to this? I have noticed episode has said they are trying to fix this a month ago!?!?


okay can you help me. so for me all of a sudden my app does not save any stories that i have read and makes me start them over. the whole app has a glitch and it wont go away. i have deleted the app and downloaded it again refreshed the phone refreshed my phone and nothing works.


Usually if you delete it, making an account helps so you have saved data! :revolving_hearts:
Whenever the glitch happens and is bad I reinstall it and sign in to my account again!