Episode Oblivion Official Request Thread


Welcome to Episode Oblivion! We are a new group on here, so bare with us. Sorry, but Episode Oblivion only does art, but we might be able to help you with coding and such.

Cover Examples


Splash Examples


Banner Examples

Profile Picture Examples

Coming soon!

Special Art Scene (Cartoon) Examples

Coming Soon!

Special Art Scene (Realistic) Examples

Coming Soon!

Time it takes us to make your art:
Cover- 1 day to a week
Banner- 1 to 2 hours
Splash- today or tomorrow

Cover Form

Author name?
Any characters? If so, put the style, their details, and the pose, or just give a picture of them doing the correct pose.
When do you need it by?
Will you give credit to the artist & Episode Oblivion?

Splash Form

What type of splash? (To be continued, Warning, volume, Episode 1,2,3, etc, social media)
What do you want it to say?
Do you want characters? If so, put their details, pose, and style, or give a picture of the character doing the pose.
What background?

Banner Form

What background?
Any characters?
What should it say?

Profile Picture Form

What character?
What pose?
What words?
What background?

Special Art Scene Form

What style? (cartoon/realistic)
What characters?
What pose?
What outfits?
When do you need it by?

Thanks so much!

Need help ASAP splashes and a large cover

May I Have An Art Request Here Is The Picture If You Can Do So:


I’d Like Her To Be Realistic If You Can!


hi hun, what exactly do you mean by “art request”? you should fill out the form for it so I can understand what you’re trying to tell me.


also please put the details down. :slight_smile:


Oh Ok!