Episode Official Story SUPER CREEPY moment :(

TW: Weird age gap

So I was playing the episode official story “Betting on the Boy” The LI tries to prove to MC that he can kiss any girl he wants. He goes up to a freshman and kisses her. The MC mentions she’s a freshman afterwards and the LI laughs it off because I’m assuming he knew?? In the next scene, the MC’s parents mentions that THE MC IS A SENIOR Wtf is this??? Is this allowed??

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And not even given consent to kiss her either, very creepy, and a big no.


is this not against the community guidelines🤢

Episode goes against it whether you like it or not. It’s always been that way, that’s why I don’t read episode official stories. :woman_shrugging:t4:

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DANGGG! Is that limelight

yeah but in a different kind of look.

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Oh… :slight_smile:

People forget that when you start high school you are mis-puberty and are 14/15. A senior could be 17-19.

They don’t realize they’re putting someone who just finished middle school with an adult :sneezing_face:

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yes, the beta version

Right!! I’m in HS and i cant even imagine…

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I’m in high school as well and when I started a few years ago, I had turned 14 a week before school started. In middle school I had to deal with a creepy 17 year old who was dating a 15 year old but still flirting with me (who was 13.) Dw I told the girlfriend and all is well now.

This is kinda of topic, but age gaps aren’t okay “just because they’re in high school.” High schoolers can be preteens-adults.

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Nahh, I always thought seniors (most being legal ADULTS) getting with freshman (MINORS) was icky. Also it looks older? Back when guidelines were sorta lenient ?

Wtf shdhsd ToT
HS freshmen in our place are kids who are 11-13 years old and seniors are 17-19

Creepy indeed

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Wow. High School freshmen in the story are 14-15 I’m pretty sure. (Applies to USA as well.)


Woah . . . yikes.

I know this story isn’t too old, but it’s a good highlight of how normalized stuff like that was back then (even now tbh). I remember when the whole freshman-senior dynamic was popular back in the early 2000s with movies and YA novels. I’m glad that there’s people to call weird stuff like that out


Ooh i see i see- (im not from the US so i dont rly know stuff out there :sob::dancer:)

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Wow, I’m sorry that happened to you :frowning: You’re absolutely right

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Yeah it is, but I’m surprised it’s still up considering how many old stories they have deleted

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