Episode on Android


Episode currently isn’t working for me and support isn’t getting back to me :pensive: I’m in a discussion about the bug a few of us have where we cannot get past the loading screen and we think it might be to do with Android Oreo. If you have Android and Episode is working please say. I’ve mainly put this up to try and attract attention to this issue so Episode will fix it.:slightly_smiling_face: Is it working for you guys? And should Episode look into this or is actually not a anything at all?


I’m using Android Lollipop, which is like 2-3 generations behind Android Oreo. Episode works perfectly fine other than a few general problems that everyone, regardless of device, is experiencing. Considering your problem, it’s rather odd considering Lollipop is an older software. Yet again, Episode has plenty of bugs.

Did you try to reinstall the app or clear your phone’s cache?


Yeah, I’ve tried pretty much everything. Do you think Episode might be too old for Android?


No, but one of the problems that the Android version of Episode has is that the Android OS itself have more software builds/versions, in comparison to the iOS/Apple version where there are less builds and more generalized software. Coding to make sure it’s suitable to play on each version can get complicated on Android devices because of this. This is also why many Android users receive updates much later than iOS users.

I think Episode has stated that things like this could have something to do with the memory of the phone or the RAM. But I think the problem may have to do with the app running on this specific Android build as you said. Should be fixed nevertheless.


You clearly know a lot more about phones then I do! I totally didn’t have to read that twice :blush: Thank you for all the info!


Hello I have exactly the same problem and I don’t know how to fix it


Hello I have the exact same problem it is loading till the home page and then the stories are not opening at all I can’t do anything but wait.


I have the same problem with my phone