Episode on TV. Pls read

I know. Episode has availability on a phone annnddddd, iPad and tablets.
What about Tv’s I love to have girls nights with my friends! We love to make popcorn and watch cringy movies! Some people, with their friends like to talk about their crushes, or what they’ve been doin- lately. But what about handling the remote and taking turns choosing choices? Who needs a basic book? Why play on your small device? Pls add episode to Tv. Thx
Lmk what you think. Do you support?


okay that could actually be fun tho. support !

i would love this! hahaha support!


Support! That would be so cool

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You could try screen mirroring it would ultimately be like using your phone as a remote.


this would be so fun, support!! :see_no_evil:

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ooh cool idea

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support :relieved:

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