Episode Optimistic (JOIN NOW)


NIGHTY IS LIVE!!! :scream:
I’m going to see what she’s drawing.



For now on this is my future fam! :heart_eyes:


Wht do ya say? Open an account? I want to try lol


Here…it’s on YouTube. The best episode artist.



I do all kinds of art. I have a drive. I will load up to here soon


Oh my godd this is soo damn good


Can I join the group


Sure just fill out the form pls!




Clothing Makers!

Art scene creators





I’m good at coding, mind if I do that? I can’t really chat about it now as it is night time for me (I should have gone to sleep 30 mins ago…) But I’d love to join!


hello! omg i really love the concept of this group that helps the community but also spread positivity! i’d love to be a clothing maker if that’s okay. if so, would you need me to fill out the form? i also do various kind of arts but ive been busy lately and unsure if i could take more requests. i could still help with art requests whenever i have ample time though! oh, and im also a huge fan of nighty! looking forward to hearing from you soon. thank you !


I can be a coder and a clothing maker!!! (do you just create stylish outfits)

this is an example of an outfit I created recently for the author


Hi, I would like to join. I’m an artist :slightly_smiling_face:

  • What type of art do you do? Covers, Edits, Splashes, Banners
  • Will you be available? Yes
  • Something about yourself? I’m very patient and a bit shy sometimes
  • What apps do you use for your art? Ibis Paint and Pics Art

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  • What do you like to do when you’re bored? Drawing, watch Sherlock or read episode
  • How will we keep in touch with you? Discord, Forums, but I don’t have social media
  • Promise to bring no drama into the family? No worries, I don’t like drama either :wink:


Just fill out the form! :relaxed:



Yes, We would like for you to fill out the form! So we can know more about you! :heart_eyes:



Fill out the form and we will get to you! :wink:






Yes! Thanks so much! :kissing_heart::slightly_smiling_face:


No, Thank you!


sure !

  • What type of art do you do? - everything, I guess? mostly pfp, covers, splashes and banners. I just started editing backgrounds.
  • Will you be available? - sure! tend to come less during weekdays because of school and stuffs though.
  • Something about yourself? - I’m a teen girl who enjoys making art whenever I have the time. I love reading, and I also play violin. Got so many ideas in my head but too lazy to write sometimes. I like to keep things organized and I love yellow! :yellow_heart: lastly, I’m quite awkward but I like interacting with other people.
  • What apps do you use for your art? - Ibis Paint X and some other secret weapons of mine.
  • Example of your art? -
click me!

more here ==> Sophbee's Art Request Thread | V2.0 | CLOSED TEMPORARILY

  • What do you like to do when you’re bored - go for a walk / ride a bicycle, reading, editing, dreaming or watch Netflix/YouTube.
  • How will we keep in touch with you? I check out the forums daily, so reach me out anytime! You could even email me if it’s very important. I don’t have an Instagram yet.
  • Promise to bring no drama into the family?! - trust me, I hate dramas (on the forums) more than anything else. I won’t be here if I enjoy dramas lmao as I’m very picky when it comes to joining groups.

thank you!