Episode Originals Romance Streak

I know romance is their most popular thing or whatever but every single new story that episode’s come out within like the past year has been romance. I haven’t read EVERY single original but I don’t doubt that no matter the category it is put in it has a romantic plot. There isn’t a single original thriller or horror.


Pretty much every single episode story that’s been made/featured has had a romance plot in it. Like, back then, romance was kind of on the side (like the Demi series) but for like the past 1 1/2 to 2 years. romance has kind of been the main drama.

I really wish they’d make their stories more diverse and not rely so much on romance and clothes to gain gems from featured stories, I’d love to see an Episode original horror story, I’d spend so much on that. :weary:


There Is one story that doesn’t really contain romance but is a HORRORStory with art scenes I think it’s The Infected but I completely agree with you