Episode outfits... What do you think?

Outfits in Episode, as a visual storytelling platform is quite crucial. It shows where the character is on that scene, what the character is doing and even reflecting what the character feels at that moment.

So far, most outfits present on the portal are acceptable. They all have fair uses, they are realistic, in fact almost every outfit Episode releases has their own uses.
But then a category of unreleased outfits made me scratch my head:



Even though these provocative pieces do exist in real life, I’m wondering if they’re portrayable in stories.
With smut bound by tight regulations, it’s reduced to the build up and the aftermath. The whole scene wouldn’t even last 5% of the total screen time of one episode.
After all, we have teenagers (and probably kids who snuck in by cheating the system, we never know) and we should keep the community clean.
But these provocative pieces don’t really fit under the layers of your work clothes. That, without making yourself looking like you’ve just left the office after shagging your “colleague” lover… And to be frank, it doesn’t fit under normal clothes, too.
I had dug around for quite some time now, and I found out a lot of these originated from Ivy. It seems that the devs had put a lot of hard work into these pieces and they aren’t willing to dump it all into the trash.
Although newer featured stories features less and less of these outfits, they already exist in previous ones, and these screenshots above were taken from the wishlist thread, meaning that they most likely aren’t gem locked outfits and Episode can actually release them should they do.

So here’s the question: are these outfits justified? Do they should they ever be released to the community? Are there any inherent consequences of doing so? Do they bring any value to Episode’s platform as a whole? Are these outfits assets to the app, or a liability?

What do you peeps think? :thinking:


It’s cute but no, not acceptable.

the rest of the outfits are fine and appropriate.


I feel like these outfits are not appropriate for an app rated 13+/12+, especially since there are kids cheating the system.

Were they to relaunch the 17+ thing they did a couple years go, perhaps these outfits would find a place.

And Episode itself cannot afford to change its rating to 17+ because many of its users are adolescents. The bikinis are one thing, but, erm, lacy outfits have a more mature connotation.


Then why have them in the first place?:upside_down_face:

IDK. The OP mentioned them being from Ivy, which was a mature version of Episode they tested in Australia a couple years ago. But I’m not sure what they’re doing on Episode.


I feel like (as in right now) they should just accept the situation and make Episode a bit more mature cus why not.:joy::person_shrugging:
I know they won’t but they kind of put themselves in this situation.


Or relaunch the mature version for adult users interested in such content. But I don’t know what caused it to fail, so it may never be relaunched.


Most likely. Hopefully they’ll try again, but probably not.

some of them can definitely work as a trendy bralette top or a bikini. But yea, some of them definitely border on being inappropiate, especially the ones with the mesh bra where you would see their n*ps if the character models had any lmao

From your opinions, I realize that you (plural) believe that some are okay and some are not, for that there are adolescents here and they shouldn’t be exposed to this kind of media.

I’ve thought of this before, but here I have more questions.
1: Is the addition of these lingerie the cause of increasing number of smut related content that can affect adolescents, or is it due to the writers instead? Because smut was already relevant way before Ivy was a thing, and honestly, the lace bra or even the cotton bra can be used in the same way to provoke a steamy scene.

2: When featured stories are the first thing every Episodian reads when starting out, it’s easy for adolescents to contact these assets within the featured story now that they’re released there. Does preventing the lingerie pieces from being published to the community helps keeping the platform PG13?

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I don’t think the first four are appropriate considering the target audience is teens. Sure, some teens are dirty-minded like that, but others are innocent. I know because I’m a teen.

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