Episode pass refill system..🤔

Okay so today I only read one chapter of a story which I’ve been reading as I’ve been doing a lot of edits. I only used one pass.

I actually find it really unfair and cheated when episode claims that they have refilled my passes. Last time I checked, passes was plural, so I don’t know why they’re saying this if they only refilled one, to replace the one I had already used. :skull::no_mouth:

I think it would be a lot more fair if episode only refilled the passes when readers have used ALL four passes, as I personally always feel cheated if I’ve only used one pass and they send me a notification telling me that they’ve “refilled my passes

Also, I think the refill time should be from one to two hours as four hours is so long for only four passes, imo. :thinking:



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SuPpOrt :new_moon_with_face:

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LMAO that utube video tho :clown_face:

anyway yeeeeeeeeee episode be tricking us and fake giving us passes and shit! it should be 2 hrs not 4 and they should give us more passes :new_moon_with_face:
idk wtf i just said


OMG yes it gets so frustrating that I used only 1 pass and took a break and then they refill everything it kinda seems unfair

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Im about to watch it :new_moon_with_face:

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I mean when I first started it was 4hrs for 2 passes we should obviously have some advantages for unlocking the full version like why should we still have to get just 4 passes to wait for 4 very long hours

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Exactly. They need to give us a much more generous amount of passes instead of four passes every four hours. You can’t even read and take a break because after you’ve only used ONE PASS and go for an hour, they magically refill your four passes even though in reality, they refilled one. :woman_facepalming:t5:

They really be scamming us tho. :new_moon_with_face::nail_care:t5:

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You know I saw that episode was rated number 10 while choices is rated number 4 don’t be surprised this might be one of the reasons

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