Episode passes not refilling


Hi is anyone still experiencing their episode passes not refilling every 4 hours after they read? Its really starting to annoy me that I keep losing passes after reading and they dont refill for me


U have to exit the app n close it fully n tap the app again


Make sure you haven’t saved up passes from the rewards :grin:


Did that multiple times over a few days it did not refill. Did it work for urs? How much passes do u have each time?


I didnt! But i do have more than 4 passes like 90plus now. So it wont refill?


I had 4


Maybe if u delete the app and install it again although that will erase ur stories…


oh nah!! I have like 90 over passes right now. Its just strange cos it used to refill every 4 hrs even though u accumulate ur passes




Are those bought passes babe or saved passes?


There is a mixture! I saved some and bought the unlimited passes thing + additional passes. Unlimited passes ended now so yeah.


If they are saved, Episode created a stupid new rule that if you have saved any passes from the weekly challenges your four hour passes won’t be refilled :roll_eyes:


omg what…i have like 90plus passes remaining now. Does that mean i have to finish everything before the passes start refilling again?


But then again my sister has an account as well, she started out w 2 passes and nvr read any stories cos we were testing out but passes didnt refill for hers?