Episode payment question-

So I unlocked payment recently (yay!) and I have some questions that are not in the Q&A is there any way I could contact Episode about that?

My main question is: Do gem choices affect the final month payment? Are gem choices read worth more than a normal read?
I’m wondering this because before unlocking payment, it is stated that the use of gem choices will grant you an easier access to the payment. However, there are no distinction between normal reads and gem choices read now.

I’m curious about this because if gem choices aren’t worth more, I will stop using them in my story, I have been doing my best to use them correctly, but removing them would make a lot of readers happy (I assume)

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Welcome to the club!:smiley:
They will be calculating your reads from this month 30 days after it ends and that’s when you’ll know I think. It also depends on the kind of gem chices you have, as I heard (but don’t quote me on that) that if your gem choices are simple “do you want to pick this gem option to support me?” kinda ones, they aren’t counted.


Oh I see! Mine are usually bonus scenes and extra content, guess I’ll just keep using them until then so I can be sure.
Thank you! :relaxed:



So, at the end of each month, they will calculate your reads and it will be listed as pending for about 20 while they are being verified. Then when they process the payment, first they pay you for your actual read count. That is your main payment. After that, if you have qualifying gem choices, you get a supplemental payment which is 25% of the read count for only the stories that qualify for the gem bonus. Like @HannaKM said, I was told by someone that simple “support me” gem choices are excluded from that gem bonus. So, my first payment is all of my stories that I have written, but my supplemental bonus only includes the stories that have gem choices within the story.


I understand better now, thank you for taking the time to explain!

A lot of users stories use gem choices, they just use it better than Episode official stories so the enjoyment of the readers stays the same.
When it comes to how many gems a choice cost, it’s not up to the author, I believe the cost of a gem choice increases when the author reads reach a specific number.

This is what was explained in the inital post.

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I think you have enough answers on this Question, though (:

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