Episode Pet Peeve

I just want to make it clear before I rant that I am NOT throwing shade at the athours on Epsiode! I admire their creativity and courage to create these stories for us😄 and sometimes stories don’t get finished and that’s okay. BUT…

I get really bummed once I get emmersed into a new story and finish all the uploaded chapters and then find out that the author has stopped uploading OR you never know the status of a story and you are left there on the edge of your seat hoping imPAITENTLY for a new update. (Eclipse, The Shadows, Gravity, Touched by Flames, Feening … IM LOOKING AT YOU :smirk:)

I wish Epsiode had a feature that would let readers know the updated status of the stories on their app. I just wouldn’t mind seeing Episode maybe list the date of the most recent chapter upload or something on the story description.

I just finished devouring The Trophy Wife and this is a perfect example. IM JUST LEFT WITH SO MANY FEELS AND LEFT WITH QUESTIONS! (p.s. anyone have information about the status of this story? Is she not uploading more?).

Anyone else feel this way? :thinking:

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk :upside_down_face::smirk:


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