Episode Pet Peeves?


I’m almost positive that we’ve all read through countless amounts of stories with predictable endings, cliche plots, etc…
What i’m wondering is, what are some of HUGE pet peeves anyone has specifically while reading a story?


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Everyone says this but one of my pet peeves within a story is the bad boy. They’re so annoying! I want a well-developed, cute and sweet maybe even witty boy character. Also down to earth. It’s amazing when you can relate to an episode character if they’re written well.


I feel you, sometimes a awkward, shy cutie is the true mvp.


Also when they always zoom in on a chars face when they’ve done the shush animation or that other one that gets used quite a lot. I enjoy it sometimes but some stories go over the top lmao. Its a weird pet peeve ik :slight_smile:


Right on! Love it


An awkward pet peeve of mine is when the main character randomly kisses, or falls for a random love interest that barely got introduced.


Exactly, you’re like whyy. Need some char development here ya know


When two characters are meant to be kissing but the layering is all messed up so it looks completely wrong


I also hate when characters are speaking, but they use animations that just look tacky because of the layer they are standing in.


When the character had a bad backstory and they move because of it.


not being able to choose a name…


When the main character has no personality at all!

Or when the characters does the finger flirt snap thingy and takes a long pause, (it’s getting old guys :skull:)


It really is :skull:

I hate when the main character also is naive.
When the main love interest tells her “I don’t love you,” but he really does
And she believes it, even though the love interest has done nothing but prove in every way he does love the main character.

So cliche.


I KNOW RIGHT- It’s so aggravating.


Like girl, shut up and realize what he does for you.


Ugh, I get so frustrated when it is obvious that the LI loves the MC (although they say otherwise) and the MC doesn’t see it!
Also, when it is clear that the LI loves the MC but the LI keeps denying it, I just go… ugh.
I really don’t think every story needs to portray love as something so difficult to realize or feel.


A huge pet peeve of mine, is when a guy is hugging a girl… AND HIS BUTT SWISHES :joy:
It sounds stupid but is so annoying and ruins the mood.


I know exactly what you’re talking about…


Characters popping into the scene one by one.:neutral_face: