Episode Pick your Poison: Part 2

Omg that story is so bad it’s good!

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I love that story lol!!

It looks so horrible that it’s amazing.

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You’ll either laugh the whole time or wear a wtf face the whole time… my experience is a mix of both. Lmao


They just zoom in on her eyes XD
And why the bread?!

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I’ve no idea…
And yeah that 30 sec zoom on her eye is just awkward.

Check out Triangle

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You counted?!?!?!?!

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Just a guess. Idk lmao🤣

Check out Triangle. By Angela.B

The bread.

The Baguette. Lol

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Oh. That was hilarious :joy:

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Me and my friend, @KennaMatthews

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We read the story. We loved it so much!!

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YESSSS it amazing and horrible at the same time

Hey, Boo!


Taking the screenshots!!

the worst story line but relay good directing