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I have read over some of the rules guidelines and other changes that have been made to Episode regarding limitations and stipulations that all members must adhere to due to the fact that the site’s age rating is for persons 13 and older. I have also been greatly saddened to learn that some of my favorite writers have decided to discontinue their stories or just flat out leave Episode altogether.

As a creative writer and adult (over the age of 18), I feel that my ideas and concepts have been stifled making it difficult to create the types of stories that require more vernacular terminology. In other words , there are just certain stories that require more adult verbiage and animations. And the best way to allow writers to create their best work, especially if they are passionate about their compositions , would be to give them a platform that would allow them to maximize their potential. Not to force them to work within stricter limitations to accommodate only children.

With that being said, I believe that I speak for a plethora of writers that would prefer that Episode would either increase the current age rating for the original site , or create an adult version of Episode for people who prefer less restrictions and more creative freedom for their fellow adult readers.

I am more than certain that there are a great deal of adults who would assist in making this new adult Episode platform come to fruition. So lets see if we can make this happen.

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There is Ivy (mature episode app) coming out. Got that to look forward to, I guess.


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Episode is (kind of) testing the waters of an adult version of their app, called Ivy. There have been a couple threads about it.

It’s definitely a work in progress at the moment; I’m pretty sure it’s only available to iPhone users in Australia or an equally small group, and it doesn’t have a writer’s portal.

I’m definitely holding on to hope that they see that project through; not only do I think my stories would push the envelope of the guidelines, but I’m not sure I think 13-year-olds would or should read my in-progress story lol.



This is a good thing to look forward to. Because I can tell you, I love the platform that Episode has created, but I know for a fact that the type of writing that I am interested in completing… ( I have several chapters written, characters created, outfits made and the whole works) is NOT something that is geared for young minds.

What I would like to be a part of , is one of the Beta testers for this Ivy concept for a North American branch.


When was the discussion originally posted for Ivy??? Do you have any idea how long this has been in the works???

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I am pretty excited. Let me check it out now!!! Thanks love !!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I just tried to check it out, but could not due to regional restrictions. So, until it is released for the North American region, I can’t check it out. I also noticed that they only changed the age requirement to 17+. Why wouldn’t they change it to 18+ ??? I don’t get that !!!

I’m pretty sure 17+ is the highest they can put it in the App Store.



Well, there is that. I have only been an iphone user for literally 2 months. So, I had no idea, but thank you for clarifying it for me.

Have you tried out the new app??? From what I read, they do not have the option for freelance writers to create their own stories yet, limited Episode created stories only , and majority of the stories require gem purchases… and quite a few gem purchases at that … For a Beta test game!!!

I have not had the pleasure of having the app. Also they literally just transferred a lot of Episode Originals to Ivy with a few more steamier scenes. So if you see a lot of those choices, then that Episode for you :woman_shrugging:

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I am dead!!! I figured that this was the case. Especially being that they just started Ivy beta last year. But man is that funny!!! At least I know that all of the things that I want to write about will be allowed once this platform comes to fruition.

I guess I am just going to have to continue writing my story without publishing it on Episode’s original platform for now until Ivy is readily available.

Also, I saw on @Funicidal 's Instagram that she changes her “App Store” location to Australia to get the App. However, I do not have an ios device so u cannot verify that.

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I tried changing my location to Australia. HOWEVER, I am currently trying out a three month trial on itunes. And I am absolutely not going to forfit the rest of my trial in order to re-arrange my itunes/apple app account to Australia. Maybe after my trial ends, but not before that . LOL

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