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Hi. I’m Winter.

Would YOU read a story if you couldn’t design your character and choose their name?

Personally, I think plot and storyline are more important.

  • I would read a story without customization.
  • I wouldn’t read a story without customization.
  • It depends.

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~ Winter :wink:

I woukd totally read if there was no customization, IF the way the MC looked mattered to the story, and she/he weren’t butt ugly. XD

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Lol, okay cool. :slight_smile:

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I actually prefer stories with no customization. I want to read the story the way the author intended it to be read, not feel like I’m part of it.


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I do prefer character customization in most cases. That being said, if a story has customization, but has a lackluster plot, like most people, I won’t read it. A story can be amazing and not offer customization at the same time.

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I prefer no customization. Customizing character after character with each new story gets exhausting after a while. I’ve gotten to the point where i just go with the default lol

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Episode please delete this topic. :slight_smile:

Use this link now: Would *you* read a story without character customization?

I agree! I also have just left some customized characters as their default and continued on with my day. It’s fun to see how the author imagined how the characters look in the story.


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