Episode Plotline StoriesThread

Welcome to the ‘Episode Plotline Stories Thread’!!!

This is an official thread for people to talk about episode Plotline or stories, that bother you so much.
Or either make up your own Plotline and share it with others, and tell them “What do you think”.

If you Hate A Cliché

How it works is, say you’re saying something like:
“I really hate these times of stories that include Bad boy cliché, it’s so stupid how they turn into a loving kind boy with a heart. I find it not interesting and hard to follow. I would just click out the story.”
And please do not give away names of the stories, unless you find it disgusting, (like inappropriate or anything like that), okay?


If you like a cliché

If you like a cliché, of course you can give the name of the author and story away, because you’d be giving people good stories to read.
And it isn’t bad if you do that, you’re actually helping the author out.

  1. If you don’t like the Plotline of the story please don’t expose any stories with that kind if it has a cliché (only if inappropriate)
  2. Please make sure that if you’re sharing Plotlines, be careful not to make it inappropriate. (Or getting out of hand)
  3. Do not get off topic or you will be flagged!
  4. No starting drama,
  5. If you start anything you will be asked to leave, and will be flagged also! :blush:

Okay now have fun, please tell if I am missing something!! :heart::heart::heart:


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