Episode portal Bug Anyone?

Is anyone else having the problem with the portal when they try to preview? It says (Error: Assertion failed)…. I can’t even write without seeing how I am doing.

I get those all the time just reset ur laptop or something or send ss?

Refresh? or change browser?

Are you using Microsoft Edge browser? I’ve seen a few people with the same issue using Edge. Try switching browsers to Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and it should right itself. You can also try logging out, then clearing your site cookies and log in again.

Thank you! It worked! Also, is your filter thing on episode acting up too?

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What do you mean by “acting up” and I’ll test it lol

I actually made a post all about it, hold up…

Try making @set hsl (numbers and filter info here lol) it’s own line of code. So it’d be :
@set hsl (blah) here

Nope, still doesn’t work…

Okay, give me a sec. I’ll try to get it to recreate the error on my story. :slight_smile:

OH! I see. It’s a glitch for sure! See where it says "<MenuItem | tag = -1> " after “blendMode” You need to change that to whichever filter option you chose so “Multiply” “Overlay” etc.
For some reason it’s not adding the type to the hsl filter code that it generates.
Try erasing <MenuItem | tag = -1> and putting whichever filter option you chose in it’s place. << works, I just did it and got rid of the error :slight_smile:

I just tried and it worked, but I wish it could go back to how it use to be, less complicated.


Agreed. You should submit a support ticket, too – to make them aware that the code generated for the hsl filters is giving incorrect code types and causing errors. Add your SS to it so they can see exactly what you mean :slight_smile:

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I will thank you, they better answer. :grin:

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They usually send the “thanks for messaging and someone on the team will be in contact soon. blah blah” and you usually get an actual person responding in 24-48hrs (depending on weekend or not).

Good luck with your story :slight_smile:

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Thank you! And also, I’m late but congratulations on publishing your story!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I’m actually playing around with a thriller-drama idea so that should be fun to explore. I’ve never written a drama before. lol

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You need to set the opacity to 100, the portal set it to 0. So just add it to 100!

I sent a support ticket about it and that is the reason why it is like that^

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Thanks for working through this HSL issue together as a team!

We wanted to follow up and let you know that we’ve released a fix for the Filters tool so that it will include the proper blendMode instead of the erroneous <MenuItem | tag = -1> output.

Do let us know if it’s still not working. Thanks!