Episode Portal Home Page Design - We want to hear your thoughts!

OML! Please for that delete story button!!! I have like 20 stories that can just be deleted


I’ve done the same thing. Now, I have three stories glaring at me that will never be completed.


Same! Its so simple and user-friendly! Also looks more elegant without the 3d buttons. I’ve always loved a good 2d display


You can hide your stories from portal so they don’t show on your list (and on the app), it’s more useful than delete button :wink:


There’s something in the top right corner that lets you hide stories from your page :thinking:

@Alusza @alliesepisode I know there is the hide story option, but when we go to our pages on the app, those stories are still there. Therefore a “Delete Story” button, would be much more useful to us. Especially for stories we never intend to either: publish, or improve/continue.

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Hidden stories are visible only in one place - your account settings where you can turn them on again. I personalny visit that page once a month or less, and I forgot about majority of my hidden stories. It’s more convenient that letting people deleting stories permanently - imagine someone hacking your account and deleting all of them, or that you do it by accident and everything is gone.


No, I can see them in the app too. Even though I hid them. I can screenshot to show you what I mean if you like. And it’s annoying seeing them there. They’re visible under the “Stories I published” tab.
I know others can’t see them, but I can and it’s annoying. Hence the call for a “delete” button.

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Not that little hidden button on your profile in the app. I’ll send you a quick tutorial on the one in the portal.

Tutorial on how to “Delete” Stories:
(apologizes for the ugly editing. I’m on my laptop)

Click Here

Click on account settings
From there, click on the Story Settings tab.
Find the story you want to hide from your portal and the app. Click “Archive” and “Hide from Story List”

Archiving them “hides” them from readers on the app (unless it’s already in their favorites shelf)
Hiding it from story list, will make it stop appearing in your portal

After this, they’ll stop showing up :slight_smile: If you want to get them back, come back to this tab and click “Unarchive” or “Show in Story List”

Hope this helps


@StoriesByRayna as @alliesepisode said, it’s different than hiding feature on the mobile app :slight_smile: You need to do it in your account settings and it should work! It’s really helpful and you don’t see the stories anywhere else.

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If for example story’s title is:
The queen of my heart

but the reader is looking for a story The Queen of the Night

and the reader types in the search bar:
The queen of

Guess what, among all other queens both stories will be listed, also the archived one!

Tested many times by many authors. :heart:


@alliesepisode @Alusza I appreciate the help but I think there’s been a misunderstanding, I already hid them long ago via “account settings” in the portal, but they still show on the app. (For me, anyway. Perhaps not for others users though. )


Yes! I actually put it in the form when filling in, it should be a place to unleash our creativity. With more colors and different designs they would certainly make it more attractive.


bump :laughing:
dont let this die

AAAAH yes! Please make it happen.