Episode Portal still isn't working

I’ve been trying to write my story, but I can’t on my desktop here.
I can type in the title, the author bio, the description, tags, social media.
I can’t make an episode, characters, the outfits, the completion status.

I can log out and log in perfectly fine, and I’ve restarted my computer, and I’ve pressed “start new story”.
I’ve also made a bunch of other stories, but for some reason, they don’t show up on the thing to the left that lets you see your other stories. I don’t know if anyone else has/had this problem, but I want to know how to fix it. You can go into it perfectly fine, this is just the part where it messes up…

Is it my computer? I don’t think it is because I’ve wrote stories on writer’s portal with this desktop before.

that is weird. mine works fine

I know, I’ve tried fixing it, and I’ve asked multiple people, but it just seems like no one else is having the same problem… :sweat_smile:

everyone had this same kind of problem before then boom it went back up perfectly, so i suggest sending a ticket to the team.

Maybe try using google chrome?

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I haven’t thought about that actually. Thanks, I’ll go try it now :sweat_smile:

It worked! I can now use episode interactive-

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