Episode Portal Suggestions!

I don’t know if there is a thread for this, I couldn’t find one. But I have suggestions for episode that I wanted to put out there.

1. A character description box under Character Settings.
It could include things like:

  • Character last name.
  • Relatives.
  • Relationships to other characters.

Basically just things the readers don’t need to see, but would make writing the story and keeping everything organized easier for the writer.

2. The option to hide Play the Tutorial from the My Stories list.
It really annoys me, it’s a minor thing but I would appreciate it, I don’t know if other writers would but I could make a poll if anybody’s actually interested.

3. A most recently updated option for the Art Catalogue.
We could use it to make sure we aren’t repeating backgrounds and stay up to date on all the new ones and, let’s face it, far more realistic ones.

4. A message whenever new animations have been added and what they are.
I only ever notice new animations if they begin with walk_ or talk_ there is one animation that I’ve seen on the official episode stories that I’ve been looking for but I don’t know the name of it, I think it’d be helpful to receive updates to notifications in the portal because I know not everybody checks the forum.

5. Body Scars and more blood options under Outfits.
While vampires is a pretty common thing to see on episode, the blood accessory is used for many different things. For example, in a cop story, a main character could get shot in the leg or the stomach, but the blood would be on the chest. There are a surprising mass of zombie stories that I’m sure could use blood. Perhaps a non-vampire bite could be useful.
Some examples of these scars/blood are:

  • Angel wing scars.
  • Animal scratches/bites.
  • Bloody stains on clothing from bullet/stab wounds.
  • More bloody clothes, God knows we need it.
  • More bruises for both genders!

6. The ability to delete our own stories.
I struggled with this really recently, I wanted to get rid of my story but I couldn’t, I ended up just hiding it but I think a permanent option would be nice for unpublished stories.

This is just here for me to remember stuff now I guess.




To be able to delete our own stories would be convenient too



aaaand the option to delete a story?

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