Episode Positivity


I am in a weirdly good mood, so let’s do something happy and fun.

There’s been a lot of critique of various aspects of Episode lately - including from me - and while I do think it’s important to have an open discussion about negatives and to grow from critique, it’s also important to remember what we love about Episode.

So here’s what we do. When you feel super grateful for any one thing about Episode, come here and share it with everyone. It could be a favorite story, or a new friend you made on the forums, or something you learned using the app or on the forums. Just leave one positive thing. Think of something else? Come back and add it! When you get frustrated with something Episode-related, come back here and read and remind yourself of what you love.

I’ll start:

I love how Episode is secretly teaching us all how to program/code. Like, I obviously already knew we were learning a coding language as we were directing stories, but I didn’t realize how universal the knowledge I’ve gained here would be until I was talking to my dad about his college programming class and he explained that they’re going over things we already know: if/then/else, for example. It’s pretty cool that not only are we all learning to write better stories together, we’re also learning a whole new (computer) language!


With some of the latest controversies, at least I know the Episode staff themselves are doing their best to fix situations and promote ‘good’ stories (even if most shelf stories are heavily cliche) - especially when they hold writers’ contests.
Thanks to some users here, I even got recommended some good/great authors and stories too, like TORIAH’s Trials of Suburbia.
Plus, shoutout to very understanding Mods here


First of all I really like the idea. I downloaded the app about a year ago and started reading Mean Girls. Although I don’t think I was the target audience of the story in my late twenties, I found the concept really interesting. Since then I have found many stories I like and it’s cool that we can create our own stories as well.
It’s also good to see how the community members support each other and I can say the same thing about the Episode Team. Anytime I have an issue and open a ticket, the help arrives within a few days even though they probably have to deal with dozens of questions every day.


Some of the authors on Episode are very positive about diversity. Previously, I didn’t have a lot of knowledge about other cultures, but now I better understand them and I was prompted to learn more when I tried to create my own story because I wanted to be as inclusive as possible.


Love this thread!

I remember around September or so of last year, I was scrolling through the App Store when I came across Episode. I had seen the silly ads that everybody memes the hell out of, and decided to give it a try. I decided it wasn’t for me after starting a couple stories and deleted it. I redownloaded it a couple days later, again trying certain stories. I deleted it again. And then finally, I downloaded it out of boredom once again, and found a story I enjoyed. I had not yet discovered User Stories, but when I did, I was pretty much addicted and I never wanted to revisit Gem Stories (I’m still not a fan of them). In November, my “addiction” faded fast and I was no longer interested in Episode. I deleted the app again.

In February of this year, I was curious to see how many chapters were added to my favorite stories, and I redownloaded the app (for like the one millionth time). I was reminded of how much I love these stories, and this community as a whole. So here I am today, enjoying Episode, and even writing my own story now. I’m so happy I redownloaded the app for that final time, as I have found my love for not only Episode, but writing again.


I’m loving these responses!

My next thing: I am so grateful for people I have met here, but right now especially for @Cam . I’m not sure how it happened but we instantly clicked and it’s one of the very rare times I’ve been on a forum and had someone notice me go missing, and care that I came back. We have a lot in common - mostly things I wish were just me, but that’s life for you - and Cam is just so sweet, and so good to talk to. Thanks for being my friend, Cam!


I’m not going to lie, this made me tear up a little. Gwen, you’re such an amazing friend and person in general! I love knowing someone like you exists, you always get to set my mind at ease when I need to, and you have given me the drive to do some things I would have never done by myself, so thank you about that.

I am really liking this thread, and I may add my own two cents. Ever since I downloaded Episode I was fascinated by this way of storytelling, and I am really glad I have a place to write some of the things I have in mind.

My favourite thing about it, however, is the community. People in here are amazing, loving, funny, smart… there are a lot of adjectives I could use, but they wouldn’t get to describe what I feel towards this community. So I’m just going to say that I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for some of the people here, I’m eternally grateful for having met them.


Another thing I very much like is actually more to do with how I write my stories so far. Yeah, I haven’t made most of them past the first episode yet, but with the available resources it made me creative with certain elements (e.g. try making Japanese school uniforms on INK). With the forums, I’ve also received good information and facts to flesh my stories. All in all, I hope to at least publish my first story within the next few months.


Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: