Episode Profile edits (INK ONLY) *CLOSED*

Hi I am Gabby ,and I make episode edits if you would like one message me on Instagram at @lexia_sunshine or message me on episode forums at episode.gabby

What you need;
Character : I only do female
Full body picture or half body or just face:(pick one)
Skin colour :
Hair style :
Hair colour :
Outfit colour :
Face shape :
Eyebrows :
Eyes :
Background : (optional)
Background colour :
Nose :
Mouth :
Text : (optional) in the background



Not my best edit but I just started doing it ,if I did an edit for you and it doesn’t look good please tell me it won’t make me feel bad


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I want an episode edit!
I want a full body picture.
Skin color: Tan
Hair Style: Straight
Hair color: Chestnut Brown
Pose: Flirt wink (the one in the example)
Outfit: Yellow Breezy Top, Blue High Waisted Pants, Black Beach Day Skater Shoes
Face shape: Oval
Eyebrows: Mature Round
Background: any
Nose: upturned
Mouth: Full round (terracota)

Thank you !!

size: 1920x1136
background: tumblr tie die/ bright colors
no text
thank you so much !!!

My instagram is @epyadriana if you want to dm me :slight_smile:

I forgot the eye shape and color!!
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Eye color: Auburn

I’ll get right on that ,but is it possible you can get it early tomorrow morning?It takes a while to edit ,if not that’s okay

It’s alright, take your time :heart:

Hey i would like to request a cover i need one saying " this story has mature themes at the top in bold black letters and have my character standing at the bottom with her guitar (idle_guitar)
and can the background be full violet

my character looks like this :
SKIN honey
EYES ubturned bold (black)
HAIR beach wave (black)
EYEBROWS seduciave arch
NOSE eleven
MOUTH full round (taupe )
FACE soft heart

Thank you so much xx

and her clothes i forgot her clothes can she please be wearing
black leather leggings
white dressy crop top
black lacey heals

(a full body picture)
it would be very appreciated

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Sorry it took me so long ,my computer crashed.If you use it can you please give me some credit.

omg thank you so much I love it!!! it’s so good.


I will get right on that.It might take a while ,so it might be done by 12:00 or 1:30 the

ok no problem thank you so much !!!