Episode profile!

Hi everyone!
So I know I may sound dumb and probably am the only person who doesn’t know this BUT I need to know now :joy:
Whats the point of the followers/following on the episode profile?
Like can we make or see posts or something? Because I cant lol
I feel like its there for something :sweat_smile: it just doesn’t work for me :rofl:

maybe get notified when they publish their new story or maybe their story updates

tbh I don’t really know either :joy:

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I doesn’t do that for me either :joy::joy: lol

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I feel like it does nothing :joy: can’t even tell if someone unfollows you :woman_shrugging:t2:


Right? :joy: But Im so curios if it does something for other people!

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There used to be a feature on there called the social feed where users could make stories and posts, kinda like instagram i think. And I guess your followers could see it. But it wasn’t available to everyone, only a group of people had it. Plus Episode recently removed it so I guess it’s pretty useless now :joy:. If you want to read up on it here’s the thread:


Oh. That makes much more sense.

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it has no poit st all actually. episode was trying to have its own social media inside the app so it might have worked there. Butvthey decided to abandon this idea so it does absolutly nothing in this moment.

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Omg! That make sense! I’ve been looking everywhere :rofl: thank you!

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