Episode publishing story

Ok so midnight sky is gonna release December 30th and I have a new story coming in February 1st. That’s final not charging dates anymore. They’re both gonna be published 6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. That’s pretty much it also I have a editing account amulti13 on insta. I love to edit, write, draw and e.t.c. My episode account is jellyepisode on insta.

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What is your story about?

It’s about a girl who wakes up from a decoma not knowing who she’s or where she came from her fears become a reality, which scares her to think that no one is out there looking for her maybe she’s all alone that could be far from the truth. All she wants to figure out who her family is, and how the heck she ended up in such a state. This is my first so idk how this is gonna turn out :pensive: (Midnight sky). The one in February I started at the beginning of this month so there’s no story line yet for that. So that one I’m working on slowly.

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Looking at the gist I know it will be amazing. I would like to read it so ping me when you release it. Best of luck :heart:

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It sounds cool, I’ll be sure to read it when it’s out.
Bookmarking this till December 30th :slight_smile: