Episode R4Rers is Hiring

Hi, everyone! I’ve made a new group on Instagram dedicated solely to R4Rs. Basically, if you join this group, I will place your story/stories on our request forms. Requesters can then choose which stories/authors they wish to do R4Rs with. Once a requester submits their screenshots to the group as proof they have done their end of the R4R, our group member will read the requester’s story in return. Once both parties are done reading, a shoutout will be posted on the page’s feed including both stories. We are now hiring so make sure to fill out the form below for the possibility of becoming a member. I’ll be choosing 10-15 people to be involved on Tuesday or Wednesday so be on the lookout for announcements about that!

Perks of joining this group -

  • Do R4Rs in an organized and honest fashion
  • Become part of a supportive team of authors
  • Get your story promoted on our page
  • Have the flexibility of taking your name on and off the request sheet for times when you do or don’t have time to do R4Rs
  • Gain new readers for your stories

Link to sign up -

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Hey…is this still on? I tried checking out the ig acc and it says it doesn’t exist…and the form is closed. :thinking: :thinking:

@Sydney_H can you close this thread for me please?

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