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I just have some story related questions I’d like community members to answer

Answers aren’t shared or shown & are annomynous so be 110% truthful on some of your story preferences!

I know this may be a lot but I’d really appreciate if you answered each question as it would help me a lot as well as other authors that might stumble across this thread.

Thank you in advance & lets get started!

Would you read a story wit no CC?
  • Yes, I would read a story with no CC
  • No, I would not read a story with no CC
  • I do not care about CC
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Which is your prefered character age/environment*
  • High School (17-18)
  • College (18-Early 20s)
  • Adults (25+)
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what age do you prefer characters to be?

Which is your favorite kind of gem choice?
  • Bonus Scenes
  • Art Scenes
  • Different POVs
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In your opinion which is the MOST important thing in a story (story focused)
  • Good (reliable/clear) storyline
  • Relatable/likable characters
  • Character dynamics
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In your opinion which is the MOST important thing in a story (Author related
  • Good Directing
  • Good Grammar
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Which “to lovers” trope do you prefer to read
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Strangers to Lovers
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Which “falls” trope do you prefer?
  • She falls first, He falls harder
  • He falls first, She falls harder
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By this I mean it’s more of a 1st & 2nd POV story like a tv show (Brooklyn 99) no set “main character” no consistent “inner” monologue

Would you read a story with no set “MC”
  • Yes, I would read a story with no set main character
  • No, there needs to be a set main character
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Do opposites attract?
  • Yes
  • No
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Your ideal chapter length
  • 5 Minutes
  • 8-10 Minutes
  • 12-15 Minutes
  • 15-20 Minutes
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Atleast 1 per episode

Do you likes clothing choices
  • Yes
  • No
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Do you like stories that include parties in college setting?
  • Yes, I am okay with parties that take place in college
  • No, I am not okay with parties that take place in college
  • I don’t care about parties
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Do you like stories that include parties in high school setting?
  • Yes, I am okay with parties that take place in high school settings
  • No, I am not okay with parties that take place in high school settings
  • I don’t care about parties
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Which type of romance story do you prefer?
  • Lighthearted, fluff full love story
  • Heavier, drama-filled love story
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Do you like it when there is a party in the first episode?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care
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Wow! You made it to the bottom thank you so much for voting once again, recieve your award below :present:

Open here!

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I might be forgetting some questions & if I have I’ll add them but this is it for now!

Feel free to be more specific & more in depth below!


Answer your questions with a little bit more depth:

  1. I don’t care about the CC because if that’s how the author thinks the characters looks like I’m fine with it. After all, I’m playing a the character not myself.

  2. For me honestly, there’s like no preferred character age. If the plot is good and interesting, I don’t care. The main character could be even 80 years old.

  3. Of course, my favorite gem choices are Bonus scenes and outfits choices because these are in my opinion the best choices to support the author, He/she has put a lot of work to make The backstory of characters or some fun game.

  4. The most important Two things and story are the plot and all character interactions. If they are in toxic environment, I don’t think I would like the story as it’s a bit overused and there are some personal trails that are overused in characters on episode like unseen, shy main character, Boss b*tch Love interest Or Bad ass main character, and ruthless the most feared Love interest. It just makes the story look artificial.

  5. In my opinion, both directing and grammar are important because for example, as someone who has spent 10 years to learn English and all its specifics, for me, it is important to read without major mistakes. A lot of people mess up their and they’re or too and to. And if things like these happen in story, it’s a red flag for me and I’m leaving it for good.
    They’re probably are a lot of people who Don’t understand the meaning of good bad, excellent directing. But for someone who has read stories that literally make your mouth open, I have a high standards for directing. If the author uses @/CHARACTER walk to screen center not Spot directing I’m officially out of the story. I understand that everyone start somewhere, but you just need to read all possible websites, YouTube videos, and ask help to your friends so you can learn to better direct stories. Believe me, I started with these Commands too, but in my opinion, if you’re still using these commands, you are not ready at all to Publish even your first story. You can play a bit and write like a couple episodes and get someone to check them, but I don’t think you should publish it if you haven’t learned a bit more advanced coding.

  6. I know that trope preferences Are different to everyone, but my personal fave has always been enemies lovers. : )

  7. About the Falls trope, I honestly don’t mind if it’s either because there is like no standard who should be first and it really depends on past life.

  8. I can’t really answer this one because I haven’t seen a TV show like that but I like to read when there are main character or characters.

  9. And I think that opposites attract because if we are thinking normally everything that is opposite something It just gets together.

  10. My ideal chapter length Really depends on the story because if it’s something uninterested, I’m not spending 15 minutes to read it. If it’s something action, I can read even half an hour, and I won’t even see how long the episode actually is. But you can say my middle is somewhere between 15 to 25 minutes.

  11. I personally love when I’m able to dress up the character myself, especially if there are like closet type of closing games with tappable overlays. It just makes the whole story more interactive as episode is an interactive story telling game. I just really like to participate in the story.

12., 13., 15. About any kind of parties, they are so overused in Episode that I just can’t read the story if it has a parties all the time. Especially if the party is already in the episode one. Or it can not be a party but a club or anything where you go out. I’m just so tired of seeing scenes like these and they are hard so hard to code. And why the author Will rather spend their time on something like this, not the actual plot.

  1. I actually prefer stories where there is less romance or romance is as a subplot. That’s why I have started reading thriller and mystery genre because there are almost none of it. Not all life is fun love and parties. And as I’ve seen a quite big part of the community is also tired from romance stories, especially when entering episode official contest romance is the main thing that you need to add.

Hope these answers can help you understand a lot things better!

And please forgive me for mistakes. I used voice recording :joy:


Thank you so much for this extra detail!!

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