Episode reads?!?!

Ok guys i dunno if this is at the right category or no but… so i was thinking how exactly episode count reads? Like is one people=one read even though he/she would read more than one chapter. Or if someone reads 4 chapters does the writer get 4 reads? And do they count the first chapter as a read? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it’s one read for each chapter. So if one person reads 5 episodes than that counts as 5 reads.

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@Purple_Ghost answered a similar question and this is her answer i think it 'll help:

"This is how I think it works:

When reader reads a chapter to completion and is brought back to the story menu, that is counted as 1 read (this includes chapter 1). If the reader stops reading mid-chapter (ie. they are not automatically brought back to the story menu), you do not get a read. So basically the reader has to hit some checkpoint that comes with ending the chapter and being brought back to the menu.
For the last published chapter you have (such as chapter 3 for 3 chapters published), you will not get a read. This is because the reader never reaches the checkpoint from completing the chapter due to the infinite loop at the end. Once you publish a new chapter, the reader will be able to finish the previous chapter and you will gain a read.

(Hopefully my weird wording made a little sense.)"