Episode Reality Show (Bad Girls Club)

What do you guys think about me making a reality show? Any ideas to add to the drama?


•Someone gets killed
•Someone gets pregnant
•Someone gets kicked off but comes back later
•BFF’s back stab each other
•Someone goes missing
•Someone runs away

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Also love the idea I’ll join :grin:

Wow, those are actually good ideas (not that I thought they wouldn’t be). With the someone gets killed part, should it be… like a murder mystery?
And maybe two people get kicked off, one people love (who was framed for something) and the other which nobody likes. The one nobody likes comes back.

Thanks and sounds awesome!

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Do you have IG?

yea, @yurmamz

Followed you

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Thanks! I’m not really active on there.

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That sounds fun! Here are my ideas:

  • Someone has a dark past they’re trying to hide

  • A love triangle

  • A new person enters their lives and stirs up drama

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