Episode recommendations (the one's I liked the best up until 2020)

hey this is Danielle, i wanted to tell you guys some episode stories that i absolutely and utterly loved reading. i am a hopeless romantic and i pine and dive into stories with drama and romance and steam…
these are the things that I look for in a story

  1. i am a sucker for good grammar and i instantly drop the stories where the words dont play with how beautiful they can be. (i am not discriminating or saying bad about any authors, for whom English isn’t their first language, you authors also do a great job)

  2. i also drop stories that have short episodes because hey episode gives me 4 passes in 4 hours. (now, again, i am not holding anything against any authors because there is lots of coding and stuff to do, so hey authors you also are doing a great job)

  3. CUSTOMIZATION (even if it’s limited)
    i like to see my guy the way i want to see my guy so please let me customize ffs

    paying gems to wear that outfit is a big turn off, so i prefer reading community stories with no gems at all.

now that that’s out of the way, i am going to be recommending stories in reverse order, so my most favorite one’s will be at the end

  1. FALLEN ANGEL : a quest for the heart by Miru
    which hopeless romantic doesnt like mafia stories? the plot is strong and the male lead comes off strong and firm, so yeah if you want to read stories about mafia land, hey open the app and dive in

  2. THE WAY WE WERE by laur
    again another mafia story and the drama is good so why not?

  3. THE BLACKSMITH by Emily Renae
    the story features a strong female lead that has endured so much in her life. the story revolves around assault and a sad plot full of mystery and steamy romance, so if you’re sensitive to that content… you have been warned

  4. HIDDEN DEMONS by Lucy Easton
    again the story is about a strong female lead, hazel woods who is running away from a dark past, will she find her happy ending? will she be free of the evil that chains her? give the story some time and i am sure you will grow to like it.

  5. NEVER CRY WOLF by Frankii Cash
    i dont do vampires and werewolves and fantasies… NO and this will be the first and last story on that genre. the way that frankii has made all the characters will make you fall in love with them, absolutely and utterly. the use of grammar and play with words is beautiful, and the art scenes are are impeccable. so hey, give it a read, you will not regret it.

  6. INTOXICATE ME by Melia A.
    with 22.9 million reads, this story will not disappoint you. dear god the drama, the romance, the thrill and the story under the sheets(i did not just say that) READ IT. PLEASE

  7. JADED LOVE by Bri
    literally any story by bri is amazing. the way that the plot comes off, featuring a decent and cute romance story, will make you fall in love with everything, every dialogue, every kiss, every heartbreak… the play of words, without a doubt will not fail your expectations.

    this story is not yet complete but with the release of every new episode, i just have to dive in, pop in, read in, die in the glamour of the story. the art scenes … DEAR GOD THE ART SCENES, will blow your damn mind. the romance is sweet and steady and beautiful and vulnerable revolving around the idea of a small and loving happily ever after, but hey the story is still not complete so lets see.

  9. OVERDOSED by Maite
    this was one of the first stories that i read, and i have to say, it had everything
    it ALMOST made me cry (i never really cry)
    it gave me butterflies and it also gave me that weird blowing popcorn feeling in my stomach as if my own heart was broken.
    thanks maite.

  10. HAPPILY NEVER AFTER by Aubrey Jean
    oh woman, how you made me cry… no… oh woman, how you made me howl and grunt and roll like a baby. the ONLY STORY TO EVER MAKE ME CRY. it has a customized spotify playlist and aubrey made sure that every scene will bring you to your knees and make you hoot like an owl (an owl hoots right?)
    it is more realistic and more profound and yeah maybe one day i will find love as well, because this story is everything i want in life.

  11. LIAR by Sugarfoot Stories
    so initially when i read the description of this story, i did not want to read it because of the age gap between the male and female leads… but oh how wrong i was.
    every single scene, the way it has been directed and each conversation between christian and amelia is very real and i love this couple. the use of english and the revolution of the story around this novel (i will let you read he story and find the reference) is absolutely stunning. also the art scenes will make you cry. the story has 30 episodes and 500k reads. let us all promote this story together because it deserves everything, all the fame and all the love.

dear sugarfoot stories: thank you for writing this beautiful masterpiece.

dear readers, give all of them a good read and let me know how you feel about them.


I read all of them. Except Happily ever after and the blacksmith. Def gonna try them.

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Okay so I am curious if anyone else has read this story and can help me out with its name. The plot is from a a male perspective and his girl best friend is in love with him and then starts dating a cop. He has blue hair and was sent to like a military school. The cover was a split of the main character one side good and smiling, the other half is kind of an evil look. I had it on my ios device and when I switched back to android I lost it and can’t think of the name