Episode Rejecting My Overlay

Hi, guys. So, I’ve been having trouble with my Eiffel Tower overlay because Episode keeps rejecting it due to the rule of “brands, real people, and places.” I guess I’m asking if I have to put a new name under my overlay when I upload it, just find another Eiffel Tower overlay to use, or just get a different type of overlay instead.

By the way, this is the overlay I was trying to upload, but no such luck. Thanks to anyone who can help me understand why Episode keeps rejecting this overlay. I wouldn’t mind using a different overlay if need be. :smiling_face:

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Idk why it’s getting rejected since Episode has a Paris background with the Eiffel Tower in it :roll_eyes:

Try to upload it labelled just Tower or ET like that and see if it works


Ok, I’ll try that. I’ll let you know if that works. :smiling_face:

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I think the problem could be that maybe the image isn’t royalty free?! That exact same image can be found here: 5 Nights in Paris - Living Magazine

There’s plenty of royalty free Eiffel Tower pngs… on this site :point_right:t3: Eiffel Tower PNG Transparent Images Free Download | Vector Files | Pngtree


Ok, I see what you’re saying. I’ll upload another Eiffel Tower overlay in case the previous one doesn’t work out.


Once i was rejected for a historical statue. Their guidelines say that no real places or people, I think that if the Tower is pink or looks like an artwork they won’t reject…anyway, any game platform wants to stay away from getting reported or angry people :laughing:…Just what overlays and backgrounds they accept, guides me to create ethical games…

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The effiel tower light is copyrighted. actually any picture you see online of the effiel tower at night is copyrighted and illegal to use.

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Hi, guys! So, Episode rejected the image I was trying to upload, and I did try putting in TOWER and ET, but they rejected it. But, thankfully, I was able to find another Eiffel Tower image, and they accepted it. Thank you all for your suggestions and telling me what was wrong with my image! :smiling_face: