Episode replaced the speech bubbles and I’m sad

So, the first time I read the B-team, the old speech bubbles were long gone, but because it was written in old spotlight style, the old bubbles stayed, and it was beautiful. However, I recently started replaying the B-team, and the old speech bubbles were replaced with the NEW ones, and now the placing is all off and it’s ugly and it ruined a beautiful work (my personal favorite story on episode). Why can’t they just leave the stories with old speech bubbles alone? I get why they don’t have the option to write a story with them anymore, but now (and especially with the old spotlight style) they look all wonky and it makes me sad.

Had to get that out.

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Pero no indtiendo que estás diciendo

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I’m just ranting…

I read Poison clouds (which is in old spotlight) and it still had the old speech bubble style, so I don’t know why both the B-team and Black Absinthe have the new style.

This is a guess and I could be 100% wrong- I wonder if either of those stories had to make adjustments recently as part of the new guidelines?
If they had to save and republish their story recently, that may have forced the speech bubbles to default to the new style?

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I was thinking the same thing. I know Kay Elle (Black Absinthe) is still active on episode, and has probably updated it.
I know Diego M or whatever the name is is not active on episode, in fact the whole profile just doesn’t exist anymore, which is probably why the speech bubbles aren’t updated, because the account isn’t accessible.
But with the B-team, it used to be in the old style even after the bubbles were replaced, which means MeMyselfandI hadn’t looked at it since before they updated the bubbles. It would be highly unlikely that they updated their story since they haven’t been active since before Limelight style existed. However, that would be cool if they came back to episode. Essentially all of their stories are great but incomplete.

Does anyone know of any other stories that still have the old speech bubbles due to a glitch or something?

If they still check their emails related to their Episode account, they could have received a review request and decided to act on it even if they’re not active, just to keep their story on the app. Then again, if they’re all incomplete and the author doesn’t plan on coming back, that actually seems a little unlikely.

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