Episode restarted all my stories?

Okay basically I went on to episode to read my favourite story and it was back at chapter 0? And so I looked at the rest of the stories I’ve read and they’re all at chapter 0!


Can anyone help or should I send a ticket? Also let me know if this has happened to you

First time seeing this

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I’m still logged in so I’m confused :joy:

And it’s not just a little bug because it’s literally restarted it

Oh wow! Even when i deleted the app for a very long time! My progress is still there

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My stories restarted to and every time I’m at a point in the story I go to a different app and it starts it all over again thank goodness I wasn’t the only one I’m not playing the game anymore until they fix this

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128 episodes… I---- :hushed:


This just happened to me too. I opened the app this morning and everything was fine but a few hours later I started and all my progress is gone. Even though I logged in as usual with the Google account. All the gems I collected are still there but the reading progress is gone.

Were you abe to find a solution?

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I was able to yes, I sent a support ticket and they EVENTUALLY fixed it (Even though it took 2 weeks :woman_facepalming:) Just sens a support ticket and pray haha :joy:

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Jfc. Well I sent my ticket yesterday (still haven’t gotten a response :unamused:) hopefully they get back to me soon. This is the third time something has happened to my progress. They need to fix it cause it makes people want to stop using the app :woman_facepalming:t2:

@Sydney_H or @Nick

Forgot this thread was still open could one of you close it please? :blob_hearts:

Also the solution to anyone who is wondering is to send a support ticket and they’ll fix it soon after they reply :heart:

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