Episode Reviewing Stories

I apologize if this is the incorrect category.

Recently, episode has made a post on the forums on reviewing the top 100 trending in each category. My story (The Ember Moon Pack) has been on that list for a couple of months but has not been reviewed yet. Is that normal? The story is fairly up there in the trending, so I was curious as to how that works.

Yes, I did see the post they created yesterday but it left me in more confusion because I fit that category.

I just checked and that post was created 17 hours ago, so if they just started to review those stories that will probably take for a while.
Also how do you know your story was not reviewed already? My understanding is that we won’t receive automatically any confirmation about this, the post is only for explaining how the grading works and which stories might be considered for featuring on a shelf.


I see. And I figured I would know because of some content guide lines in which I was not sure of… thank you so much for the clarification!

If you broke the guidelines somewhere, I’m sure they will contact you. One of my stories was reviewed by Episode, but the only reason I know this is that they asked me to rewrite a scene. So yes, in that case you will know.


Great! Thanks so much! Also, do you know if sexual scenes (does not include nudity or undergarments) are allowed?

No problem.
Well, I’m not sure what you mean by sexual scenes, which does not include nudity or undergarments, but in general they are not allowed:


So let’s say I have an art scene in which a guy bites into a girls neck to “claim” her. It is not “sexual” per say because that scene revolves around the bite and no one is nude (only the guy is shirtless), do you think that would be fine?

Well, if it’s an art scene and it got approved that’s probably fine.
However these things usually depend on the context so I’m not sure.


Alright thank you. I just got confused because in the content guidelines they said no sexual scenes, but a few weeks ago a very sexually explicit scene got approved lol

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Unless you broke the guidelines, I’m pretty sure you’ll have no idea if it’s been reviewed or not.
One of my stories got featured on a weekly shelf and about a week before I got notified that I broke a guideline. I fixed the issue and the following week I was on a shelf. If I hadn’t broken any guidelines, I would have had no idea that my story was being reviewed.


Thank you so much!