Episode reviewing story question

Hello, does episode review stories on their own or do you have to ask them to?

They’ll review it on their own, I think. :thinking:


Okay, thank you :heart:

I think they will automatically review the story once it reaches the top 100. Maybe this can help you:


Thank you :blush:

Not always. It depends. My story wasn’t reviewed until very recently right before it was shelved, and it was originally made as a contest entry last year (and hit ranks 100+ multiple times). They take their time with reviews, and typically review stories that climb in ranks and reads quickly, or that are by larger authors. That’s not always accurate either, though.

I’ve found that it depends on the genre your story is in, the retention it gets, and, of course, its rank. But even then, nothing’s consistent. I don’t think anyone outside of Episode staff really knows how the review process works :woman_shrugging:t2:


I was actually quoting something said in the post I attached, lol.

But yes, I agree. There must be different factors that will make the team review some stories faster than others (plus the fact that they must have plenty of stories to review). I believe that they give priority to stories they are planning to feature or the ones that get reported.

Also this, pretty sure they review stories under the most popular genres faster since they get the most reads. But well, I don’t think we’ll ever know the exact way the reviewing process works :thinking:

Ps. Congrats on getting featured :heart: :clap:t2:

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Wholeheartedly agree here. Which I think really, really sucks for tons of authors, but it’s true :pensive:

Thank you :grimacing::heart:

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but I gotta ask, how do you know if it was reviewed?

No worries! You’ll get an email from Episode on whichever email is associated with the writer’s portal (or the email your Facebook account is affiliated with if you use Facebook):

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Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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