Episode Reviews? Thoughts?

There used to be an account on Instagram that reviewed Episode stories (I was apart of that group, but had poor time management skills, so I had to quit). And it was a brilliant idea, but to my knowledge, it is no longer active. I really want to revive that idea. So, as of now. I will try to read a user story every week (depending on the length, if it’s like 50 episodes long, it will obviously take longer for me to read) and will put out detailed reviews with this rubric

Grammar: _/5 (Spelling, syntax, sentences, etc.)
Plot: _/5 (Is it interesting? How long does it take for the story to begin?)
Pacing: _/5 (Is the appropriate amount of time spent on every plot point. Is it too long? Is it too short?)
Directing: _/5 (Is the directing eye catching or interesting?)
Characters: _/5 (Do the characters embody the persona that the author is aiming for? Are the characters relatable? Are the characters interesting?)

I’ll include screenshots from what I decided were the best and worst moments of the story.

But anyway, what do you guys think?


I think it’s smart.

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Thank you! It’ll also be great to giving exposure to unknown authors!


Can you do a quick review of my story?
It is only partly through episode 1.
The description:
Beauty can be deceiving by the eyes of a person, yet untold by the heart of a person.
If not. Let me know. If you wanna review it, I can give you the link just let me know ASAP thanks! @Danielle318

Yeah, I’ll give you a review. Follow my account: constellation_reviews. Dm me your link and I’ll get right on it! Thank you so much for supporting my idea! :slight_smile:

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Instagram right?

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That sounds like a good idea. :slight_smile:

I’d considered doing something like that, except:
a) I am morally opposed to Instagram I’m exaggerating lol
b) I’m always too subjective
c) Effort

Good luck and enjoy! :clap:

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That’s an interesting idea! Yes I support it.

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