Episode Rewind Video!

I have just released Episode Rewind! If you would like to watch it, here it is!

If you enjoy it a lot maybe consider liking it? Thanks!

Everyone who was featured in it

Thanks so so much! Love you guys! :kissing_heart: <3


That fond :scream:



THIS IS AWESOME :heart_eyes:

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Haha! Aww tysm! <3

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Omg I love it :sparkling_heart:

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i’m so so glad :sob:

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Niceeeeee :heart_eyes:

This isn’t Episode Rewind… lol.

It’s FORUM rewind.

Episode Rewind would have Episode Stories. Like, new stories from this year, or when you mentioned LGBTQ stuff, show a few stories…

In fact, I’ll go make one.

Of course, giving credit to you for the idea.

Uhhhh… This is episode rewind. I didn’t wanna focus on stories. The fact is it’s still episode…


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please don’t… you needed to ask my permission before assuming i’d be fine with it. i already made a video of the app, I just didn’t want it to be one vid after another.

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tysm! <3

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I don’t need your opinion because you don’t own the idea.

Let’s say… Steve started reaction videos. Not everyone who makes a reaction video has to go to Steve and say “Oh, hey, can I use this?”. They don’t.

I don’t need to go to Charles Dickens old house and ask his spirit if I can make my own rendition of A Christmas Carol.

I can and will make my own video, and you claiming you “copyrighted the idea”, One, isn’t possible https://www.writersdigest.com/online-editor/can-you-copyright-an-idea (see there), and two, is a bit self-centered, thinking that you making a spinoff version of YouTube rewind is your own idea to copyright.

Those are two totally different things. My thing is one narrow thing. Feel free to make it, but credit needs to be given 100% cause YOU didn’t make the ideaaaaaaa! :wink:

What’s really self-centered is basically stealing someones video and refusing to give credit…


I said that in the first reply…

Don’t reply on this thread, I don’t want it to get taken down. @EdwardNorton