Episode.Rockers Request Thread


Hey Guys So i made this thread cause im making a art group and i need members so fill out this forum and i will accept (the limit is 5)
What Art Are You Best At:
Why Do You Want To Join:
Will You Be Committed:
Will:you Start Drama:


1.No Drama
2.No Off topic Talk
3.No Inappropriate Talk

Want to join a group of writers
||Episode.Rockers Official Request thread||

So much art group


@bossyroxy411 says:
No off Topic talk unless you want art


Can I join?


@bossyroxy411 says:
Please Fill Out The Forum First




Name: Gabi
Age: 13
What Art Are You Best At: Art
Why Do You Want To Join: For fun
Will You Be Committed: Yes
Will:you Start Drama: No


@bossyroxy411 says:
Request has been acctepted




What art are you best at: Covers
Why do you want to join: Well because I love making art for people (And because your my fiance :kissing_heart:)
Will you be committed: Well I’m already in 2 art groups but, I’m sure I can handle all 3
Will you start drama: Well no, I already have enough drama from other groups :laughing:


You have Been Accepted!


Thanks! :wink:


no problem love :heart:


so when do we start


well when do you want to start?


im making the official request thread right now…


idk just send the link when u post it

Want to join a group of writers

Welcome to The Episode.Rockers Official Request Thread!
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np gurl!