Episode Royalty is looking for new members! (CLOSED FOR NOW)

@xTheStrawberryGirlx @episode.jj Sent you both PM’s. :wink:

Would really love to join


Great. Sent you a PM. :wink:

This group is fantastic, I wish you all the best! Great use of vocabulary, I hope you get well-known and publish amazing stories that will leave your fans speechless and eager!

  • Onika
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Thanks so much! Appreciate it. :blush:

You are welcome my love.

bumping!! :wink:

I had applied but I never got the chance to comment.

PM me your email please. :wink:

I applied!

Sent you a PM. :wink:

I just filled out the application!

Sent you a PM. :wink:

Applied !!!

I APPLIED, can`t wait to start! :))

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Just applied :slight_smile: btw, on my application I know I said that I was only available twice a week, but that’s usually on a busy day. I’m normally more available than that!

@BLUE2109 @xoey @Lizard I’ve sent you all PM’s. :wink:

@Lizard Okay, that’s fine. :slight_smile:

-bumping- :smiley:

i have applied

@CeeJay @julia36 Sent you both PM’s. :wink: