Episode Royalty - July Queen of the Month


Hey there! It’s Winter. I don’t know whether if this is in the correct section but yeah… :woman_shrugging:t3:

Chloe (the ER co-leader) & I have nominated four of our members who we think have contributed a lot to Episode Royalty last month. We’ve decided to let you vote for the person you think should be our July Queen of the Month. Here are the nominees along with their speeches of why they think they should be chosen as your Queen of the Month-









I don’t know why they’re so blurry, sorry. You can read the same thing in the forms.

Voting ends Saturday 11th August. :slight_smile:

Here is the form for you to vote for your favourite queen:

~ :snowflake:


Well done to all nominees :yellow_heart:


Thanks again @WinterMoon05 and Episode.Chloexo :slight_smile:
Also good luck to Ana, KT and Vage :+1:


Congratulations to @epy.sharpei for being the Queen of the Month for July!! You totally deserve it! We’re glad to have you in Episode Royalty! :blue_heart:

-Here is KT’s thank you speech-! :slight_smile:

-Keep an eye out for the August Queen of the Month nominations! :crown: