Episode Royalty - Looking for Members


Hey, it’s Winter - manager and founder of Episode Royalty. :crown::snowflake:

We’re looking for members. We need members for our Instagram page @penroyalty - go check it out if you haven’t. :wink:

We need:

  1. Background artists :paintbrush:
  2. Cover artists :framed_picture:
  3. Overlay artists :oncoming_automobile:
  4. Editors (character edits & art scenes) :star_struck:
  5. Story Writing Helpers (gives tips to people, must have Instagram) :relieved:
  6. Account/Story Promoters :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
There are only six simple requirements
  • You fill out the form.
  • You use the correct password, which is PenRoyalty.
  • You DM me (winter05.episode) on Instagram, comment below or PM me here after you’ve filled out the form.
  • You can be contacted through Instagram/Google Hangouts/Episode Forums
  • You are online most of the time, and kind.
  • You are not in another Episode group.

We look forward to working with some of you wonderful people out there!

Here is the form:

Check out our stories here and here. :slight_smile:

~ Winter - Episode Royalty :crown:

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I have a question what is the work of an interviewer??


They could interview people in the group, or interview other people on Instagram or the forums (Episode people).


Oh… thanks for telling me.


No problem. :slight_smile:


@youngblackboy & @S.Dsana You have both been accepted into Episode Royalty. :crown:


Thank you!


Yay!! Thank you


I might be offline for a while today but will still be here later today


That’s fine. :smile:


I submitted the form! xx


@Eva123 You have been accepted! :wink:


Thank you!!!


@feck.b You have been accepted into Episode Royalty. :crown:
-To answer your question, if you don’t mind, PM the covers to me. :slight_smile:

Winter :snowflake:


@NatAttac_101 You have been accepted into Episode Royalty! :crown:


OMFG! THANKS SO MUCH! Is there anything I need to do, now?


No problem lol. I’ll PM you. :smile::joy:


@Cristy You have been accepted into Episode Royalty! :crown:

  • Still looking for more members! :hugs:


I would really like to join ur group


PM me! :wink: