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Hey thanks for the review! Like I said before- I wasn’t exactly a good writer at the time I was writing that. I’ve gotten better at writing and it is good to see my improvements. I do agree that the plot is kinda unoriginal at the beginning, but I was going to have a huge plot twists- and yes, already have a huge plot twists in there. It was a story I made mainly for myself- not episode. BUT- I still wanted someone to review it to see the things that I still might be doing wrong with writing today.

  • The spelling. I still make little mistakes with it today, but with my next story I will really look it over and make sure it is good- there are commas and periods where they should be.

  • I will make sure I have a great cliffhanger to lead the viewers to the next episode.

I agree with everything else you said. I have improved on directing and it’s a lot smoother than it was. I am better at making characters, and better at finding places to put choices. This is not me making “excuses” for the story, I generally thought it was a good story- which could have it’s improvements directing wise and plot wise. Overall: Thank you for the review. Gosh, I wrote this story so long ago. It’s been like one year or two years since I wrote it.


You’re welcome. Glad you’ve improved. :slight_smile:



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Art Scenes

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Story Reviews

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@Chhaya Here is your review by @K_Artist2001. :crown:


Forever Yours by @Chhaya
Episodes Read: 3

This review is based on 3 episodes.
Plot (6/10): You have an interesting plot but the pacing messes it up. A lot of things happen but they don’t connect very well. Your dad was hacked, and your being bullied and the guy you like is a hacker, it’s a lot of things happening quickly so nothing gets enough room to breathe.
Directing (6/10): Your directing is okay but it could be improved. Character will just pop up, especially when you pan and characters will change places quickly.
Pacing (6/10): Your pacing is too quick so I lose information and I lose the plot. A lot of things happen very quickly so it’s hard for the reader to keep up.
Characters (7/10): Your characters are okay but I wish I knew them better
Grammar/Spelling (4/5): It’s good for the most part but you use a lot of ?? and … which I would recommend not using.
Choices (5/5): Your choices were good
Overall (34/50): Overall you have the foundation of a good story, but some improvements to your story will help it improve a lot. If you need help with directing, we do have videos up on our Instagram. :slight_smile:

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I’m also available so if you have any questions, especially directing ones, feel free to pm me!


@Chhaya Here is your (second) review by @K_Artist2001. :crown:


Ethereal Sparks by @Chhaya
Episodes Read: 3

Plot (7/10): I think you have an interesting start of a plot. However somethings kind of just happen, for example Rosa just decided to leave her job to go rescue people but we’ve had no reason think up to this moment she was interested in becoming a superhero. In the beginning of the story, I didn’t realize it was a dream which was confusing. Again I think you have an interesting plot, but some improvements could be made.
Directing (8/10): Good Directing with spot directing and overlays, but your Instagram message at the end messes up sometimes.
Pacing (7/10): Pacing was okay but the story does love a little too fast.
Characters (8/10): Characters are interesting but they could use more depth, especially the MC.
Grammar/Spelling (4/5): Only saw one or two mistakes.
Choices (5/5): You have a good amount of choices.
Overall: You have a pretty good story but there could be improvements on it to make it better.


@alyssa731 Here are your cover requests completed by @ana_banAna. :crown:


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Edit request for @DeathlyCow by @ShortSpaces. :crown:


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It’s just what I was hoping for! Thank you so much, it’s beautiful!


You’re welcome. Glad you like it! :blue_heart:


@K_Artist2001 Here is your cover request completed by @ana_banAna. :crown:


Let us know if you’d like anything changed & don’t forget to credit us @penroyalty! :heart:

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Let us know if you’d like anything changed & don’t forget to credit us @penroyalty! :heart:

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Thanks for the review :innocent: