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hey do you still do covers and art scenes


Glad to see you guy’s successfully progressing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Our requests are currently closed while we catch up as we’re all really busy with our personal lives at the moment. :crown:


oh okay


Request Update:
—Story Review Requests: Open
—Cover Requests: Open
—Edit Requests: Closed
—Art Scene Requests: Closed


@spiffymi Interview request posted on Instagram. :crown::blue_heart:


Hi, do you help with creating outfits too?


Yeah, sure. :crown:


recently we’ve been quite inactive in completing requests (we’re sorry!) so we have decided to restart Episode Royalty only as a writing group, instead of a request taking group. we hope you will continue with us as we plan on releasing more stories in the new year as well as continuing our current stories!

please note that all requests are cancelled and all requesting forms are closed- sorry for any inconvenience.

also Merry Christmas (to all of you who celebrate it) :crown:x

~Winter :blue_heart:


@Jeremy/@Sydney_H Please close. :crown:

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Closed as per Op request.

archived #115