Episode’s Continued Testing of Author Support Options

Hello Episodians,

As we continue our efforts to provide more opportunities for authors to tell stories on Episode full-time, we’re exploring how we can best provide a wide range of options for our authors through testing new features. For each of these tests, we’re partnering with community authors who have expressed interest in those features to better understand if they can help us achieve those goals.

In the Episode app, you may see stories from participating authors in our test that introduce a short wait time between chapters. For readers that support the authors with this gem choice, they get to skip the wait, and read the next chapter pass- and ad-free.

As with previous testing, we’ve partnered with authors who volunteered to assist us in testing this feature to see if it’s another viable way for the community authors to get their readers’ support. We have no plans to make this feature mandatory for Episode authors, and would like to reiterate that at this time, we have no plans to permanently remove access to free content on Episode, including community stories.

If you have any additional feedback on this test, please contact our support team, and not the authors participating in the test. Reaching out to our support team is the best way to get your feedback directly to Episode.

— The Episode Team