Episode’s Font!


Does anybody know the font that episode uses? :heartbeat: i don’t know where to put this topic so here I am!

‘Welcome Back’

Anyone know what font? Thanks,

Anisha Xx


I think.


I don’t think so. Ariel is what we’re typing in now, I think.


Okay, now I think its Calibri (Body)


@episode.anisha The font used for the ‘Welcome Back’ text is called: Raleway-Medium.


In case you want other versions of the Raleway fonts, you should be able to find them if you scroll down on the page directed from the link (look for ‘complete pack’).


Wow, that was helpful! Thank you! :grin:


Thank you! :raising_hand_woman:


On Instagram, episode.advice posted this for some of Episode’s fonts.


It’s Raleway. I use it.
(Just noticed someone already posted it, but still!)


Thank you all!:heartpulse::heartpulse:


Pretty sure it’s Raleway :))