Episode’s Gem Choices Be Like: 💎

idk… This has happened to me, even though it’s not the same choice

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It technically does, which is why I pointed it out
:skull: :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:
qUaLitY cHoIcEs over there in them Episode Originals.

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I had stopped spending gems in these stories after reading a few cuz I learnt that it won’t affect the story in any freaking way- :sunglasses:



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And then you come to know later that he was faking his death and was just hiding from his enemy


Your BFF (Whom you love too) has told you her secret which no one knows

Kiss and Cuddle 29 💎

Kisses her and cuddles with her and then her dad enters the room and beats the sh*t out of him

Just Cuddle 19 💎

Cuddles with her then her mom enters the room and she is happy for them.

Laugh at her

He laughs at her, she gets angry and kicks or throws him out of her room and insults him.


When you’ve got 30 gems:

Your enemy is gonna reveal your darkest secret. It NOW or NEVER!

Stuff her mouth with snacks: 29 gems

You stuff her mouth with snacks and she’s unable to say anything

It's too late, you can do nothing: Free!

Your LI just saved you!

Just a second later...

Your enemy lured your LI in her bedroom while he’s drunk

Save him! 29 :gem:
Leave him: FREE!

Those who chose the gem choice: :eye: :droplet: :lips: :droplet: :eye:
Those who chose the free choice: :sparkles: :eyes:


Another 50 lines of code later:

Your enemy asks the LI out!!!1!11!!

Intervene: 69420 gems

The LI goes on a date with you and dies suddenly.

Watch the love of your life get whisked away from you: **F R E E**

The LI gets murdered by your enemy, Kiki, who then pins the blame on you!


Did you guys read…“Play With Fire”? :eyes:

There was an option…

It’s your wedding day!! What do you wanna wear?

My dream wedding dress- a gown and a veil (29 :gem:)
Ripped jeans and tee (free)

Yes please I wanna wear tops and jeans on my wedding. Those are friggin’ gorgeous than gowns :woozy_face:


Yup. Read that one. I suspected it when they took you through this elaborate dressing game that involved a necklace you had to refuse (because gems), and then–yup, wear jeans to your own wedding.

The MC and LI were a bit toxic, though.


Once the MC started describing the colour of the ink of LI’s tattoo and how muscular his body is- I stopped reading. Wedding is faaaaarrrrr offfff :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I mean…I remember that girl said she had a crush on him since high-school. that crush didnt notice her before when she was invisible. blah blah

And at the club/ bar , when MC saw her crush after 2 yrs… they both saw each other , they both turned hot as they grew, they started talking for the first time…and…boom! Next day MC got preggy. Wow! :woozy_face:


I miss those awesome stories where at least we got to see cute type of romances in Original stories and we enjoyed reading them. Now, they are all gone! And the free choices weren’t that horrible :sob: