Episode’s Got Talent!


Hi Everyone!!

Who wants to audition for the most famous game around? You, OBVIOUSLY! Here you can show your talent. Whether you’re telling a story, or whatever!! Sign-ups are starting now! PM me if you want to sign up! Please don’t post here… ANYWAYS, I’m your host Claire Mersons, And we’ll get back to you soon.


It is RP.


Ohh. Welp then I’ll just let an older forumer explain things to you.


Hi @Miss_Moonlight and welcome to the RP community! You may want to check this thread out before starting out. Also, I would suggest you to join some RPs before creating your own, and don’t be afraid to ask us about any question you may have. Hope you enjoy it around here ^-^


Ok sorry… could you delete it?


What do you mean?


Could a mod close this thread please? Thanks


@Ryan @Jeremy