Episode’s New Featured Story: “Prom Night”

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alright, so the beta version of this game was great, the gem choices were reasonable and stuff, but now, the story’s out for ”real” and i’ve read 2/3 chapters. first and foremost, it’s fine that a set of 4 outfits is 20 gems, reasonable. but, everything. is. 20. gems. or. up. and there’s like 3-5 gem choices in one episode. don’t wanna go to prison? 20 gems. want to match with your prom date? 20 gems. wanna stop your nemesis and become prom queen? 20 or 20+ gems. and there are many more, just in the first two episodes.
i’d also like to add that there’s a gem choice right in the beginning where you can choose a set of 4 outfits, but each set is 20 gems. however, if you spend it on the outfit, i don’t think it would effect the story majorly. i didn’t spend my gems on it, and my gameplay was fine. no characters said anything about the look. but, i don’t think that’s worth 20 gems. you only get to wear the outfits for like five minutes because most of the story revolves around prom.
secondly, this is my personal opinion, sorry if you don’t agree, but i feel like the story’s a little bit all over the place. might just be me.

any thoughts on the new story?


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