Episode scene art

Hey I was wondering if anyone is offering to do cover art for my story because I tried doing it but it turned out to be a hot mess

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Check this !

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I might be able to! Just give me details here


The girl character -
Skin - Taupe
Eyebrows - Defined Natural
Hair - Straight
Hair - Platinum Blond
Eyes - Upturned Bold
Eye Color - Blue
Face - Soft Heart
Nose - Elven
Lips - Full Round
Lips Color - Terracotta
And can you add some Highlight ( highlighter) on her face to make it shine
Also can you draw her waist kinda small and her hips like curvy like kinda in the picture with the purple dress

The Boy Character
Skin - Olive
Eyebrows - Medium Sharp
Hair - Short Cropped Hair
Hair Color - Platinum Blond
Eyes - Gentle Almond
Face - Diamond
Nose - Button
Lips - Uneven
Lips Color - Terracotta

The Girl -

The Boy -
Black Tight Pants
Valentine Emerald Jacket
Black Hipster High top Sneakers

For the Background -

Can you make the background Blurry But not that
much Blurry

For the pose - Can you draw the guy holding the girl on her waist and the girl holding his shoulder and gripping his shirt. For the guy can you make him have a cute little smirk and the girl smiling looking into his eyes, but still you can see the two characters

Can you make the size - image

Thank you so much, just let me know when you think your gonna be finished

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Okie… Can I have a screenshot of the characters in idle position. The girls outfit doesn’t matter… The guys in need it in the exact outfit you want it to be. Is there exact deadline you need this by? Or can you give me one? :sweat_smile: But yes I can do this.

Okay thank you so much here is the pose

and for the clothes for the guy
Can you finish it in a week (If you can)
Thank you

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Thanks but I won’t copy or trace the original art piece pose. I’ll do something different but same as you want

Edit: I’ll get it done by the 11th or 12th!

Amazing thank you so much

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No that’s fine thank you

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I’m sorry I can’t be able to do this :sweat: the pose is too complicated for me and it’s too late to start over

Oh okay thank you anyway

Does anybody else know how to do this art scene please I really need it